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Why You Need a JCB Skid Steer Loader with a Telescoping Boom

Our precision-made JCB polycarbonate skid steer doors are the ideal upgrade or replacement to provide increased safety and operational efficiency for such jobs as mowing, brush clearing, forestry, mulching, and much more.

This new JCB skid steer product line is a complete break-away product from the British-centric mind-set. JCB management felt it best to design and manufacture skid steers and track loaders in Savannah where the market for these machines is centered -- in North America. JCB skid steers were designed in Savannah and are manufactured there with American sourced steel, weldments, parts, and components and with American labor.

jcb skid steer

Anyone who has ever operated a skid steer knows visibility is an operator concern when working on a crowded site or in a tight space. With glass all around, the JCB cab can be equipped with factory installed air conditioning. The front window is used as an emergency exit.

As far as we know, this is the only skid steer/compact track loader machine on the market with a single lift arm and a side entry door. JCB claims it is the safest machine like this on the market, and it probably is. However, this unique feature also makes the machine controversial compared with others on the market. Standing back from the machine, it simply looks lop-sided and fragile. However, JCB is quick to point out the single arm has some 20% more steel in it than a twin-arm boom on competitive machines. The single arm saves on lift mechanism parts as well. There is only one hydraulic lift cylinder for example. It also allows the company to design the machine with a tilt-cab for easy servicing, a feature that is problematic on other brands. The electronic-over-hydraulic controls result in everything under that cab being accessible.

ready to be welded to any attachment or bucket of your choice. Make sure to double check your measurements before ordering. We also offer a full line of JCB skid steer attachments. Please call with any questions.

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Are you searching for a new auger for your JCB skid loader augers? Here at Premier, we've devoted a great deal of research and development time into developing the most outstanding auger for all of your drilling needs. We also realize that your equipment calls for being more than purely compatible with the tractor. It has to have all of the force and productivity that you require from a JCB attachment, and then some. That's why all of our augers have been tested to have unrivaled reliability and performance.

When you're employing an earth auger from Premier, it doesn't make a difference the sort of drilling situations you're dealing with. Each piece of equipment can reveal the true potential of your JCB skid loader augers. With a well made auger that has the verified durability to last for a long time, you're sure to experience the immediate return on your investment. After the equipment gives you several quality years of use, you'll be extremely happy with your purchase.

So when you want an earth auger that will be able to help you save and make more money, give us a call. There's no better combination than a Premier auger and a JCB skid loader augers to give you the repeatable results you desire. Check out our skid steer loader augers section for more information.

The large platform skid steers and compact track loaders are equipped with a new air filter design that features a high-efficiency active scavenging pre-cleaner, allowing JCB to extend air filter service life up to 500 hours depending on application. A reversing fan is also available as an option for machines working in particularly dusty environments. The reversing fan reverses the air flow to remove any debris build up that may have accumulated on the protective grating over the cooling pack. It will automatically run every 15 minutes for 10 seconds, or it can be overridden manually. In addition, the skids steers and compact track loaders include an auto idle feature for further fuel savings.

With 31 attachment families available from the worldwide JCB dealer network, each specifically designed to work efficiently and productively with the these machines, JCB skid steers and compact track loaders offer the high level of versatility that rental store owners and their customers demand. Learn more about these machines at

The skid steer vs loader tractor thread below got me thinking about how I use both. I tend to use my loader tractor whenever possible often because it's just easier to get on and off. I find myself crawling out underneath a raised bale of hay on the skid steer to close a gate or cut netwrap off of a bale. In addition to having to be Houdini, this is just plain dangerous.

I was wondering if anyone here uses one and any pluses or minuses compared to a more conventional skid steer. One plus I see right away is I am not having to slither underneath a 1500 lb raised bale to close a gate!

I obviously have not got so far into this as comparing prices. I do need something with a cab and safer to use in my applications (mostly moving and feeding hay and stalk bales outside in the winter). Never considered a used payloader. Will look around but don't want something that is going too need work. Payloader would definitely be better on snow and in a blizzard. My current and only tractor has a great loader, fwa but no cab. Could go with a different/additional loader tractor but like the usefulness and mobility of the skid steer, especially inside the hay shed.

Same situation. There are still places where I occasionally need to use a skid steer. Scraping concrete, loading spreader, etc. I may just have to add a cab tractor with loader and try to not use the skid steer for jobs where I find I need to crawl in and out under a raised 5x6/1500+ lb bale. Or trade my current skid steer for a newer than 2010 JCB side door with tracks?? Have to get into some prices. At some point you need to decide what your life is worth.

If you get up in my area the local dealership has JCB and you can test drive wheels, tracks, different sizes and one of the teleskids. Might also want to take a look at a small telehandler. I love my small telehandler for seed totes, bales and cleaning up trees. Don't be afraid of the JCB. Many JCB machines on large dairy operations around here now. They get many hours and do just as well maintenance wise as any other brand does.

JCB has gotten very serious about parts supply in the US. For skid steers and telehandlers almost all parts are stocked in the US supply system. Very seldom does a part need to come from across the water.

The small platform 703kg rated operating capacity JCB 155 radial lift skid steer loader is ideal working at ground level for digging and moving materials and mid-range height tasks like dumping over walls.