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There Is Such A Thing As “Too High”

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

From The Beginning

When we started Green Goddess Bakery 4 years ago, we wanted the edibles to taste delicious, but still get the job done and knock you off your feet. There were many test trials before getting it as perfect as our current recipe. We would always have our products tested for feedback and one day, a handful of them said that the edibles were not strong enough. Now, we know people have different tolerance levels, but we at least wanted a product where if you ate half, you would be feeling lifted. With this in mind, we increased the potency.

Watch You Intake

I must have forgotten that because this next batch of cookies was way stronger than our previous batches. As the result of being careless with my intake, I ate a whole cookie and learnt a valuable lesson. To make things worse, I just so happened to be working a dream job doing artist relations for 2 days for a huge music festival. What was intended as a late night bite to relax turned into a highly infused evening I will never forget.

We All Know Edibles Take At Least 45 Mins To Hit

Luckily, I waited until the end of day 1. Because once it hit, IT HIT. I had one more task to complete and. I just remember my boss looking at me like something was wrong; my face started feeling heavier and heavier. I was on my way home and I felt like I was in a movie where my brain was starting to deactivate, and I could feel every thought that entered my head.

You Can Always Eat More But Can Un-eat Edibles

Everything was moving in slow motion and fast pace at the same time. The cars in the rear-view mirror all looked like the animals in the stampede that Simba was running from in The Lion King. When I got home, it was a struggle to get up the stairs. All I wanted to do was sleep. My eyes were starting to close on their own. It felt as if my body weighed 300 pounds, and I’m 1/3 of that! This was the edible experience that everyone has that makes them “never want edibles again”. We have since found the perfect recipes, so nothing to be scared of, but just know that there is such thing as “too high”

-Stories Written By A Stoner

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