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Behind The Green

Goddess Bakery

Know the story
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Behind The Green Goddess Bakery
Know the story


Who We Are

Co-Founders Matilda and Brooke met working in 2016 at a trendy farm to table restaurant, where they decided they’d be perfect roommates! Upon moving in, they found they shared a common interest... baking cornbread!

They both used a special ingredient that made friends and family go crazy over cornbread! (It was the sweet cream corn shhh) By the time they put their recipes together, it was the perfect cornbread. Shortly afterward, another special ingredient was included that led to the creation of 

The Green Goddess Bakery

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4/20 Events


Based in Atlanta and LA, this consulting group was created to help our community begin their own exploration into cooking with cannabis and using hemp to promote wellness. This pursuit led to the creation of The Gateway, an annual 4/20 event that brought together friends, artists, and vendors to celebrate how cannabis has positively benefited our lives. 

The event was more than just a smokers club, but an experience. Artists selling their masterpieces, visual stimulation everywhere, chefs to satisfy the munchies, and of course samples of Green Goddess Goodies passed out by our Goddesses!

Succesful and Growing


Years in the Market


4/20 Cannabis Events


Infused 3-course dinners 

The Green

Goddess Guide


Green Goddess has developed their recipes into a book which they can’t wait to share with you! This 1st edition will share the basics as well as our favorite treats! Whether you choose to add cannabis or not these recipes are tasty and fun to make!

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