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The Green 
Goddess Guide

This 1st edition cooking guide will share the basics on how to infuse edible treats. Get your guide today and make our fan favorites at home! Whether you choose to add weed or not these recipes are delicious and fun to make!


*If you are purchasing this book as a gift, please start by sharing the recipient's name and email after selecting the "Buy it now" button. 
For any questions or custom orders please email

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"Not only are Green Goddess Goodies delicious but they feel even better."

"These desserts are amazing! The cookies and brownies are so delicious!"

"The Brookies AMAZIN!!! Fruity Pebbles BOMB!! Can’t wait to make more.”

"It really doesn’t make sense for these brownies to be this damn good."

"This honey is good AF with my chicken biscuit."

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