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Why We Exist

Our Mission

We are two black women devoted to making cannabis consumption tasty, effective, and enjoyable. We exist to improve wellness in our community through delicious edibles, The Green Goddess Guide ebook, and engaging social gatherings.

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Our Purpose

We imagine a world where walking into a local bakery to enjoy an infused cup of tea and pastries is a normal adult satisfaction. We believe weed and wellness must coexist to heal those in pain and relieve racial disparities in the cannabis industry. In the fall of 2021, we will develop The Green Goddess Bakery cafe and smoking lounge with a full service restaurant serving infused southern cuisine.

Our Vision

To help people embrace cannabis and its many benefits by baking impactful edibles and creating events that welcome all cannabis enthusiasts. We strive to deliver innovative concepts in an industry that is expanding every day, by way of food and culture. We will transform the stigma through edibles, education, entertainment, and events.


Our Values

Be Surprisingly Kind

Our success is dependent upon the continuous welcoming energy towards our customers, which usually comes as a surprise in an industry with such a negative stigma. 

Be Informative

We exist to serve our community by publishing impactful resources to help them explore their relationship with cannabis and fostering a network to build a community that greets them with respect.

Be Effective

No one like an edible that never works. It is important to use that our product is potent.


Be Tasty

With an abundant market for edibles, not all taste as good as they feel. We thrive in this industry because our edibles are equally tasty. 

Be Relaxing

Whether you’re eating our snacks, visiting our smoke shop, partaking in an infused event, or staying at our resort, we commit to 100% relaxation every-time. 

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