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Changing The Stigma

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes. What do you see? Do you see people dying from marijuana or do you see Cancer patients and people with epilepsy feeling at ease due to marijuana? Do you see unruly behavior and reckless driving due to alcohol or marijuana? Do you see only the poor, sick, and homeless smoking marijuana or do you see doctors, lawyers, principals, and congressman smoking marijuana? Do you see states where it’s already legal failing in the economy or kicking it’s ass? Do you see these same states with increased crime rates or lower? Do you see young white boys in prison for small amounts of marijuana or young black boys?

Marijuana has actually been proven to be more of a medicinal drug as opposed to a gateway drug. Everything we have once believed to be true about marijuana is contradicting itself and proving not to make sense time and time again. Open your eyes. Open your mind. Open your heart. Understand the world is changing and everything we have believed must be questioned and critically thought about.

-Stories Written By A Stoner

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